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We kindly inform that due to technical reasons following departures of ‘m/f Galileusz’ are cancelled:

  • 28.11.2020 – departure from Świnoujście at 01.30 hrs
  • 28.11.2020 – departure from Trelleborg at 15.45 hrs

All vehicles with confirmed bookings on those departures will receive transport offer on the other ferries of our service in the subsequent departures. For more information please contact our ferry offices.

We kindly apologize for any inconveniences related to above matter.

We kindly inform that due to bad weather conditions following departures of m/f ‘Galileusz’ are cancelled:

  • 19.11.2020      10.30 hrs     from Świnoujście
  • 19.11.2020     22.10  hrs     from Trelleborg

All vehicles with bookings confirmed on above departures will be transported by other ferries of Unity Line. For more information please contact our ferry offices.Please be informed that we reserve the possibility of further changes. We will inform about in separate annoucements.

We kindly apologize for any inconveniences related to above matter.

We would like to inform that the ferry ‘JAN ŚNIADECKI’ will be out of service because of the planned shipyard overhauling as from 21.10.2020 till 02.11.2020.

The last departure is planned for 20.10.2020 /Tuesday/ with departure from Ystad to Świnoujście at 18.30 hrs. Vessel is expected back in service on 03.11.2020, with departure from Świnoujście at 05.45 hrs.

At that time all your lorries and trucks will be booked and transported by:

  • m/f ‘GALILEUSZ’, m/f ‘COPERNICUS’, m/f ‘GRYF’ and m/f ‘WOLIN’ on our Trelleborg link;
  • m/f ‘POLONIA’ and m/f ‘SKANIA’ on our Ystad link.

We apologise for all inconvenience caused by this situation.

We would like to inform you that due to the announcement issued by the Harbor Master's Office in Świnoujście, from 12th to 16th October 2020 will take place the neutralization of an aerial bomb from the II World War. In the above-mentioned days, there may be serious traffic problems. From the 08.00 till 17.00 each days approach to the Ferry Terminal could be problematic.

According to the information received, the end time of the above-mentioned works on specific days or the date of their completion may change.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may result from this exceptional situation.

New checkin area from
11.06.2018 at the Port of Trelleborg

W pobliżu

Från och med idag är bilburna passagerare välkomna att boka resor med M / S Wolin med undantag for perioden 21-31 grudnia 2018.

Bästa kunder och partners,

vi will informera att från och med den 16 augusti 2018 kommer ett nytt fartyg m / s COPERNICUS at sättas in på sträckan Świnoujście-Trelleborg.

Med hänvisning till ovan, kommer avgångar av m / s Kopernik och m / s Jan Śniadecki på rutten Świnoujście - Ystad att förändras något. 

Mer information om de nya tidtabellerna, se bilagor ovan.


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Uprzejmie informujemy, że z przyczyn operacyjnych po odlocie m / k „Galileusz” zostanie zmieniony:

  • 30.06.2019 - wyjazd z Trelleborga o godz. 13.15
  • 30.06.2019 - przylot do Świnoujścia o 20.45

Aby uzyskać więcej informacji prosimy o kontakt z naszymi biurami promowymi.

Przepraszamy za wszelkie niedogodności związane z powyższą kwestią.


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